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Nikon D7000 Body...

Manufacturer: Nikon
SKU: 25468
Category: Digital Cameras
Subcategory: SLR
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iBcart's Editorial Impression

Itís the High Definition Video Capture that is without doubt the highlight feature of the Nikon D7000. Shooting at an incredible 24 frames-per-second this digital wonder gives you the same creative power as any A-List Hollywood movie director and produces fantastic cinema-quality images every time. You can also record a very generous 20 minutes of Internet-friendly video. With a declared commitment to image quality above all else, the D7000 has a cool resolution capacity of 16.2 Megapixels and the 39-Point autofocus is state-of-the-art. Having used the D7000 itís easy to see why Nikon themselves have described it as ďa new class of Nikon cameraĒ.

Look into my eyes; look deep into my eyes... Oh right - this is the Internet - You can't see my eyes. And even if you could being the well-informed lover of photography that you are you wouldn't need me to hypnotize you in order to believe all the wonders of Nikon's D7000 DSLR Camera ... Read More

Quick List of Key Features

SKU : 25468
Resolution in Megapixels : 16.2
Sensor Type : CMOS
Photo Resolution : 4928X3264
Optical Zoom : N/A


When it comes to digital cameras, they don' come much better than the Nikon D7000.Promising a product that concentrates primarily on image quality, Nikon have well and truly delivered.

Whether amateur or professional, every photographer wants a camera to do essentially one thing: take superb photographs. Listening to the desires of the consumer, Nikon have created an innovative product that not only captures superbly accurate 16.2 megapixel images, but goes far and beyond the assumed capabilities of a camera in this calibre.

The 16.2 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor and Nikon's proprietary EXPEED 2 image processing engine merge to guarantee flawlessly stunning RAW, JPEG, and RAW+JPEG images. This, combined with the 14-bit analogue/digital conversion brings a previously unseen quality of even tone gradations whilst still maintaining color, contrast and noise.

With corresponding features such as 6FPS burst shooting, a 39-Point AF System and autofocus fine tuning, every accurate detail is wonderfully captured. These innovative operations allow photographers the option of employing active dynamic or single point AF, which is configurable in combinations of 9, 21 or 39 or a 21 point ring to match a variety of shooting styles and settings. Users can also activate 3D tracking, which continuously follows moving subjects within the 39 AF points, highlighting the activated AF point in the viewfinder.  Imagine witnessing that first fearful flight of a young bird; imagine having a camera that will reproduce the magnificent moment; the dream becomes a reality the second you pick up the D7000.

The camera is so quick; so accurate and so incredibly loyal, that it will literally become your very own digital memory. Speaking of memories, what a capacity the D7000 has!  Featuring twin memory card slots with SD, SDHC, SDXC compatibility, Nikon have really advanced their game with this practicality!



Taking even more steps to ensure maximum usage of this addictive camera, Nikon have employed a new EN-EL15 battery which enables up to 1050 shots when fully charged. Nikon assured us "a new class of Nikon camera" so obviously they were not going to limit its talents. Whatever your desired perfect picture may be, the D7000 has the capabilities to not only produce it but to exceed your expectations. The expandable ISO range to a Hi-2 setting of 25600, for example, is a prime demonstration of this cameras- advanced skills. By allowing more light to be gathered, the correctly exposed image has less hair and finer grain thus eliminating the common problems usually generated by low light situations.

Unsurprisingly, the video mode on the D7000 performs as eloquently as its fundamental function. Boasting full HD 1080p video capture and offering manual exposure control, this multifunctional camera creates cinematic movies at 24fps.

Maintaining the vital HD focus, users can take advantage of  the wide variety of Autofocus functions including face tracking, subject tracking and normal or wide area Autofocus. The impressive combination of the D7000 DSLR with NIKKOR lenses also conveys a stunning sharpness which is the essential for HD video. Adding to the smooth operation of this feature, Nikon's innovative Vibration Reduction (VR) II technology helps to eliminate the effects of camera shake and subsequently makes the job of the user wonderfully easy.

Videographers and photographers will greatly appreciate the D7000's ability to demonstrate awe - inspiring movies and as always with Nikon, the results display nothing less than perfection. With such a diversity of functions, you would expect the D7000 to be broad and bulky. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Sturdy enough to ensure Nikon- reputation for reliability, at approximately 1.7lb, the compact D7000 is light weight enough for a comfortable full day- use. With a magnesium-alloy top and a rear covering a 150,000 cycle-rated shutter system, Nikon- dust reduction system has been cleverly integrated to remove image-degrading particles from the image sensor so users can shoot with confidence and trust.
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